BUFFALO WILD WINGS® NUTRITION GUIDE PAGE 3 OF 12 2,000 CALORIES A DAY IS USED FOR GENERAL NUTRITION ADVICE, BUT CALORIE NEEDS VARY. 2019 BUFFALO WILD WINGS, INC. BONELESS WINGS Nutritional values stated below reflect boneless wings hand-spun in sauce or dry seasoning and does not account for variations or substitutions requested by the guest ... Loblaws - Flyers, Deals and Online Shopping The spicy kick of horseradish duels with the lingering heat of our buffalo sauce. GARLIC PARMESAN HERB Crushed garlic and finely grated parmesan basted with butter and perfect when tossed with fries, wings or anything else. CYCLONE A swirling flavor fusion of sweet and spicy chili sauce with a hint of ranch. FIRECRACKER

Buffalo Wild Wings Keto Guide - What you need to Know About. Dietmesh.com Wings To Stay away at Buffalo Wild Wings- Stay away from boneless wings as they are too breaded and high in carbs, a snack-size contains 60g of carbs, which is a crazy amount for someone on keto. Wild about flavor? Wild Mike's Ultimate Pizzas offer tasty 9" and 14" pies made with quality ingredients that you can name. Join our pizza rebel revolution!