HIGH TEMPERATURE EPOXY LAMINATING RESIN DESCRIPTION PT2846 is an amber, unfilled high temperature epoxy laminating resin designed specifically for demanding high per-formance composite tooling. PT2846 has good heat resistance, making it capable of providing excellent long term service in today’s higher temperature curing cycles. the “new” specification for laminate and prepreg materials. When I entered the laminates industry in 1983 (when Arlon acquired Howe Industries) I knew almost nothing about the industry or the application of its products. It was a high intensity learning curve for me, with a lot of help from internal gurus and from our customers,

It is likely that the temperature is set too high. Check that the temperature setting corresponds to the pouches being used and turn the machine to a lower setting if you can. Passing a clean sheet of uncoated paper through the laminator will also help to cool down the rollers. Most laminators have been designed to be carrier-free. Dragonplate high temperature carbon fiber sheets are comprised of a special carbon fiber/phenolic prepreg laminate that is formulated and processed to give excellent properties at temperatures much higher than standard epoxy products can withstand.