SKELETAL MUSCLE REVIEW SHEET (by Pattarajit Bunchoti; 2017) Review of Cat Muscles (Marieb 6th ed) (PDF) Review of Cat Muscles (Marieb 5th ed) (PDF) Review of Cat Muscles (Marieb 4th & older editions) (PDF) PROF. FINK'S VIDEO LECTURES ON THE MUSCLE GROUPS OF THE BODY: Professor Fink's Video on the Muscles of the Face & Head: Students will relate the types of chemical reactions utilized in Chemistry to Human Anatomy & Physiology as well as the basic components of organic verses inorganic chemistry. Monday 9/1/08 - Labor Day Tuesday 9/2/08 - Preview of Prefix/Suffix Quiz #2. Students will understand the anatomy and physiology of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins.

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