How to Find the Weight of a Sheet Service. It’s what we deliver. 1.800.231.4175 L x W x Thickness divided by Factor = Sheet Wgt. Example: ABS = 34” x 47” x .125” divided by 26.63 = lbs/sht * These are averages. Specific Gravity varies with material. Check with material supplier, and then use formula below. The 5 bar lozenges are raised from the base of the sheet producing a textured and 3 dimensional pattern. Although 5 Bar Aluminium Treadplate is its official name, often it is referred to by one of several other names, such as Aluminium Chequer Plate, Aluminium Floor Plate, Aluminium Durbar Plate, Aluminium Diamond Plate or Aluminium Kick Plate. A single gram of weight saved in the can, saves over 200,000 tonnes of aluminium globally per annum. Together with this weight benefit, the energy consumption as well as the CO 2 emissions during transport are lowered – a further advantage for the environment.

Here at metals4U we pride ourselves in having both knowledgeable and approachable customers as well as an experienced sales team who are always willing to answer any metal related questions. Having an online hub to share information is a great way to share experiences and knowledge helping to grow our metals4U community. Paulin 1-1/2X12 inch Slot Zinc Pltd Steel Angle. Flat metal parts that can be cut and folded in various shapes for various metal work. A very large number of everyday objects are made with sheet metal.