MODEL NO : PT1302B/C2 Features : •Fast response time •High photo sensitivity •Axial terminal •Plastic case with IR filter Description : •PT1302B/C2 is a high speed and high sensitive silicon NPN phototransistor molder in a standard φ5 mm package. The package is an IR filter , spectrally mathch to infrared emitter diode. Mar 12, 2018 · POLE2:PIN7 or C2 (Common of POLE2) is connected to PIN6 or N/C2 (Normally Closed Terminal of POLE) internally. Consider a circuit as shown below: In figure button is not pressed, so PIN2 connected to PIN3 and PIN7 connected to PIN6. Under those circumstances the battery BAT2 will form a closed loop with M1 MOTOR. So the MOTOR1 will rotate.

This data sheet is only intended to provide specifications, graphs, and a general functional description of the LT1268B/LT1268. Application circuits are included to show the capability of the LT1268B/LT1268. A complete design manual (AN19) should be obtained to assist in developing new designs. utc2030 linear integrated circuit youwang electronics 6 utc2030 1 2 3 5 4 vi +vs c3 0.22 f r3 56k rl=4 r4 3.3k 1n4001 c4 10 f r1 56k c1 2.2 f r2 56k c2 22 f