How to Export Google Analytics Data to Excel via the API ... Analytics report - tick "referral path" and "source" in Dimensions: ... with its data in background sheet ... Bot referral spam refers to bots visiting your website and making Google Analytics register their visit as referral information. On the other hand, ghost referral spam happens when bots totally bypass your website and directly hit the GA server. So, your website does not get any traffic but Google Analytics counts the visit.

Glossary of Metrics Used in Google Analytics (GA) In order to understand the metrics used in Google Analytics (GA), it is first necessary to understand the relationship between dimensions and metrics. A dimension is a descriptive attribute that can be ascribed values, while metrics are the measurable values of that attribute. Sep 05, 2017 · At least 90% of the Google Analytics setups I have seen are broken. Learn how to greatly improve your Google Analytics configuration with my new Google Analytics audit tool. First I want you to carefully read the sentence below. “You lose customers because you can’t trust your Analytics data ... Google Sheets will correctly convert formats between locales when importing from one spreadsheet to another. Getting help. To ask a question about the add-on or to report a bug, post a message the google-analytics-spreadsheet-add-on Google group. Search the group before posting as your question may have already been answered.