FLEx Lighting engineers ultra-thin lighting solutions for displays, medical & industrial applications. Learn about our low power frontlit uniform LED lighting technology & power-saving reflective LCD screens. Nowadays with even light distribution this new and innovative technology play multiple applications. S2™ Lighting sheet are used in many industries such as advertising, display, commercial lighting,decoration,building etc. S2™means simple and saving. Sheet lightning is cloud-to-cloud lightning that exhibits a diffuse brightening of the surface of a cloud, caused by the actual discharge path being hidden or too far away. The lightning itself cannot be seen by the spectator, so it appears as only a flash, or a sheet of light. The lightning may be too far away to discern individual flashes.

LED Lighting from Venture. Venture Lighting offer a world class range of LED Lighting Solutions, combining the very best in LED technology with unequalled service from one of the worlds leading light source innovators. May 05, 2015 · The assumption is made that the smoke or seed material moves exactly with the flow. A thin sheet of light is then introduced perpendicular to the flow, illuminating the seed material. Laser light is ideal for the light sheet because of the fineness of the beam and the monochromatic nature of the light.