If you take my advice you go with rose gold grillz or rose gold plated blingz. These darker autumn type of brass and copper color tones reflect warmth and trust. It’s just simple color psychology. In addition to the stylish color tone, it’s totally iced out with crystals that look like diamonds. Shop for the best selection of Gold Grillz, Silver Grillz, Iced CZ Grillz, Diamond Cut Grillz, Fang Grillz and more at Big Dawgs Bling. All of our Grillz Sets include upper and lower Grillz, two molding bars along with easy instructions to fit Grillz to your teeth in 60 seconds or less in your very own home.

GOLD ACCENTS that can be inserted into our open face gold denture crowns or our stock Artic plastic denture teeth. GOLD Onlays: A stylish way to add a touch of gold to any plastic denture tooth. They can be designed in many different arrangements.