Prepare the Walls. If you're hanging wallpaper on new drywall, prime the wall first with wallpaper primer to seal the drywall and help the paper adhere to the wall. Wash any dirt or dust from the old walls and sand-smooth any chipped paint. Remove old wallpaper using wallpaper remover, a wide blade, and rags. ATAS offers a wide variety of metal wall panels from traditional concealed fastener panels to mix & match that allow for unlimited design flexibility and creativity. The artistry comes from matching your interior design to the many options in wall panels you’ll find below. Our products use Italian natural wood veneers and eco-friendly materials painstakingly crafted to-order, to give you a wood panel that is sensitive to your design needs, built to last, and still 100% conscious of the environmental impact.

Best Practices for Drywall Layout. The general concept of drywall hanging is very simple. The goal is to cover all metal or wood studs with sheets of gypsum panels. It can be likened somewhat to sheathing the exterior of a building using plywood or other exterior sheathing panel. “3d wall panels” and “wave wall textures" Remember walking into a five-star hotel or restaurant and noticing something that you had never seen before? A 3D design sculpted on a wall with a continuous pattern flow, and no breaks or separating lines.