Assignment Cover Sheet Portrait from Cosimo Bartoli’s 1550 Italian Translation of Alberti’s De Re Aedificatoria One of these sheets is to be firmly affixed with a staple to the cover of all written and drawn assignments. In the case of portfolios one coversheet should be taped to the outside

Incomplete cover sheets will not be processed. We are unable to accept and process assignments without a completed assignment cover sheet. Students will be notified if they make an incomplete submission via email to the student email address. The assignment will be held until the completed assignment cover sheet is received. Assignment 1.docx - 1 SOUTHERN CROSS UNIVERSITY ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET Student Name Md Aiub Uddin Student ID No 23309573 Unit Name Project Management. It should be kept in mind that the cover sheet should be the first page to be seen by the recipient of the assignment. The cover sheet should include the details such as student’s name, the subject of the assignment, roll number, class and section name, the topic of the assignment, name of the instructor of math subject.