Price match guarantee Pack Of 25 1 4 Size Quarter Sheet Cake Aluminum Foil Pan Extra Sturdy And Durable Great For Bake Sales Events And Transporting Food 12 3 4 X8 3 4 X 1 1 4 are ideal for including character to your room.

How big is a piece of cake? It depends on how you slice it. Everyone seems to have a different answer, so take a look to see what I recommend. The chart below shows different ways of slicing the cake sizes I offer - Party Style & Event Style. At home, we tend to cut the more generous Party Style slices (approximately 1.5" x 2"). QUARTER SHEET CAKE PAN - 8'' x 12'' x 3''. HALF SHEET CAKE PAN - 12'' x 18'' x 3''. FULL SHEET CAKE PAN - 16'' x 24'' x 3''.