Place clean draw sheet on a clean surface within reach Lower the head of the bed and place the resident in supine pos… After raising the side rail, assist the resident to their side… Draw sheet to be used in combination with friction-reducing devices such as slippery sheets, plastic bags, low friction mattress covers, or slide boards When To Use: Transferring a partial- or non-weight bearing resident between 2 horizontal surfaces such as a bed to a stretcher or gurney in supine position or when repositioning resident in bed.

A feature of object-oriented programming languages in which a sub type inherits methods and variables from its super type. Inheritance is most commonly used as a synonym for class inheritance {class!inheritance}, but interface inheritance is also a feature of some languages, including Java. Lifting and moving Reposition before lifting to avoid awkward positions. Keep the body stacked and straight. Avoid twists and awkward positions. Keep weight as close to the body as possible. Never use your back muscles to lift (Use legs, hip, and butt muscles with the abdominal muscles tensed). Proper posture: stand and sit with the back straight.