Aug 30, 2017 · Good answers already. I’ll complicate it. You may notice some paper packaging when you buy it has a brightness score on it. That score is how reflective vs absorbive the paper is of light. Take your sheet of paper and smear the tea bag on it to give it a yellow look. If the tea bag dries out when smearing the paper with it, dip it into the teapot again. You could let the paper either dry naturally or you could try drying it with a hair dryer for a nice, old look.

How to Make Old Paper Look New Almost all of us have papers we want to keep, all dog-eared and smudged with dirt and food. These simple steps will turn your old battered paper new. This video demonstrates how to stain a white sheet of paper and make it look antique. You'll need two tea bags (an extra one if the other tears open. Place the paper to be stain on a tissue or newspaper to avoid a mess. Take half a tumbler of hot water and dip a tea bag until the color becomes dark orange.