LM13700 www.ti.com SNOSBW2F –NOVEMBER 1999–REVISED NOVEMBER 2015 6.4 Electrical Characteristics These specifications apply for VS = ±15 V, TA = 25°C, amplifier bias current (IABC) = 500 μA, pins 2 and 15 open unless

applications the LM13700 may produce superior results. Applications-Voltage Controlled Amplifiers Figure 2shows how the linearizing diodes can be used in a voltage-controlled amplifier. To understand the input biasing, it is best to consider the 13 kΩresistor as a current source and use a Thevenin equivalent circuit as shown in Figure 3. I want to use an LM13700 as a voltage controlled resistor, and I want it to act like a rheostat. When will it act non-linearly? The description of this circuit is on page 15 of the datasheet, and the circuit diagram is on page 16, figure 28. I intend to use two of them to produce a variable voltage divider for an audio signal. Jul 02, 2009 · 2) tuning range of transconductance vs. quiescient currentis very limited - to 1decade as I deduce from datasheet fig. 2, the CA3080 could be tuned linearly over 3 decades, so my voltage controlled integrator worked very well over three decades without any component switching - so in my view an IC with larger tuning range would be a good idea