Up to 2 SRF04's or 2 SRF05's controlled, including all timing. Up to 14 general purpose Input/Output lines. Up to 5 Analogue input channels with 10-bit A/D conversion. 1 PWM output usable as an 8-bit D/A with a simple filter. I2C address 0x40, can be changed to allow up to 8 devices on the same I2C bus.Mode 1 - SRF04 compatible - Separate Trigger and Echo This mode uses separate trigger and echo pins, and is the simplest mode to use. All code examples for the SRF04 will work for the SRF05 in this mode. To use this mode, just leave the mode pin unconnected - the SRF05 has an internal pull up resistor on this pin. Avoider robot design to dim the fire with dt basic mini system. ... Avoider Robot Diagram Block ... AVOIDER ROBOT DESIGN TO DIM THE FIRE WITH DT-BASIC MINI.

The SRF04 is cheap and easy to interface with, but has a range that would severely restrict operations of MAVeric. The SFR08 has a longer range, but a difficult interface and a higher price. The 600 Smart Sensor has a long range, and easy interface, but has a non-standard voltage requirement and a high price.Function Frequency Generator Generates a square wave outfrequency equal to 2 periods per revolution for 4 poles fan and informs the user of the fan's running speed