1. memberikan referensi formula suppositoria diazepam dan paracetamol untuk dikembangkan menjadi sediaan yang dapat di pasarkan. 2. memberikan informasi mengenai karakteristik suppositoria yang di hasilkan sebagai bahan kajian lebih Zat aktif : diazepam.

Jan 28, 2011 · Jim McElroy Suppository Formulation and Manufacture . From Lachman et.al , “The word suppositories is derived from the Latin word suppositorium and was first used to designate this medicinal form about the seventeenth century.” Patients suffering from anxiety neurosis and anxietylike neurosis often accompanied by alcoholism are treated by administration of medicine containing a β-(p-halogen phenyl)-Γ-aminobutyric acid as active compound. As a result these patients were totally freed from the above mentioned complaints.