ECC82/12AU7 Page 1 of 4 Telephone: +381 18 550 741 ECC82 is A.F. Double Triode. Quick reference data. • Anode current Ia=10,5mA • Transcoductance S=2,2mA/V • Amplification µ=17 Heating. Heating is indirect by AC od DC, with serial or parallel supply. Jan 25, 2011 · I have an Ecc82 in the pre of my amp, I have a spare Ecc83 on its way due to an over order. Am I correct in thinking that I can use the Ecc83, and it will work perfectly just with a little bit more gain?

Jan 28, 2010 · My personal favourite vintage ECC82 (well 12AU7) is the American RCA "Clear top". They're fairly common it seems and not too expensive - lucky because my amps use 8 of them! In a former pre amp they were much preferable to an expensive pair of Telefunkens - I find them light, clear and detailed in character. JJ Electronic ECC803 S - 12AX7 Factory description: Classic long plate European design with special grid plated by gold to reduce microphone interaction and noise. Factory Data Sheet: ECC803S Our observations: A very long plate 12AX7 offering from JJ and once again it's a beautiful sounding tube. My pre came stock with a set of the JJ ECC82-s gold pin 12au7.I see there is a ECC802-s gold pin version that has long plates.Just curious as to what the sonic character of the long plates might be compared to the ECC82.