Christy Johnson, registered nurse and former college softball player, shares the importance of concussion testing with the King-Devick test. Cracking The Code of Toddler Behavior This week on Mom Talk Radio, Diane Muldrow, author of Everything I Need to Know series, shares why this iconic series offers so many valuable life lessons. Blijf up-to-date. Schrijf je in op onze nieuwsbrief om op de hoogte te blijven van alle leuke nieuwtjes en activiteiten. Elke maand ontvang je één nieuwsbrief waarin de meest waardevolle nieuwsberichten verzameld zijn.

One of the benefits of using the KD test is that it has stronger links with the neurocognitive processing which may mean that it has a greater role to play with regard to return to learning as well as return to play. Another benefit is that unlike the SCAT3 tests the KD test does not require a health care professional to administer the test. Printable Area Test | Microsoft Docs. The Printable Area test generates two single sheets, a portrait sheet and a landscape sheet). You should run this test on different paper sizes, such as A4, Letter, Envelope 10, and A5. Check the following points in the print area test: Four separate lines are drawn.