Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Below is a complete list of our product safety data sheets (SDS). NOTE: This list is in alphabetical order. ... CBP63602 SDS Day-Star Fl ... Safety Information; Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Current: Safety Data Sheets: Clorox® Toilet Bowl Cleaner - with Bleach - Fresh Scent. SDS Download Details.

The full text for all hazard statements is displayed in Section 16. SECTION 4: First aid measures Description of first aid measures General information If in doubt, get medical attention promptly. Show this Safety Data Sheet to the medical personnel. Inhalation No specific recommendations. If throat irritation or coughing persists, proceed as ... Disclaimer: The information presented herein is based on available data from reliable sources and is correct to the best of WinField Solutions’ knowledge. WinField Solutions, LLC makes no warranty, express nor implied, regarding the accuracy of the data or the results obtained from the use of this product.