Oct 15, 2016 · This time the dry cleaning sheet had a harder task as the blanket was quite grubby but it worked and, in my opinion as good as dry cleaners. These sheets are not cheap – £8.49 for 6 however you can put many items in the tumble dryer at one time as there is no risk of colour running. There are a few tips when using these sheets.

Water Tank Sterilisation: An anti-bacterial coating on LG tumble dryers prevents contamination. LG tumble dryers take the hassle out of doing laundry. Each clothes dryer has a Sensor Dry system that adjusts the drying time and temperature of every load, so each garment gets the treatment it needs. Dryer sheets are a non-woven material coated in fabric softener. Fabric softeners add scent, reduce static, decrease drying time, and ease ironing. They add a coating onto fabrics that makes fibers feel smooth. Which is better: fabric softener or dryer sheets? The properties and function of fabric softener/conditioner and dryer sheets are the same.