WWE Elimination Chamber 2013 The Rock Vs CM Punk JohnCenaRAWUpload uploaded a video 6 years ago 17:40 ... WWE Royal Rumble 2013 The Rock Vs CM Punk Jan 25, 2013 · The Rock (C) vs. John Cena for the WWE Championship. CM Punk vs. The Undertaker. Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H. Sheamus (C) vs. Randy Orton (heel) for the World Heavyweight Championship - Last I heard, the plan was for Del Rio to retain against Big Show on Sunday, Sheamus wins it at Elimination Chamber, successfully defends it against Del Rio on Raw, and somewhere along the line Orton turns heel.

WWE Elimination Chamber 2013 by Scrooge McSuck - The Road to WrestleMania (XXIX) makes one last stop on Pay-Per-View, and we'll finally decide who will be headlining WrestleMania in the WWE Championship Match, and who will be opening the card for the SyFy Championship.