MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET (Page 2 of 3) PRODUCT NAME: EZ FLOW, HAND SANITIZER (62% ALCOHOL/VOL) ... Denatured Ethyl Alcohol is a strong lung irritant. It should not be Germ-X ® Original Hand Sanitizer 30 fl oz. Keep your sanitizer fully stocked around the clock. Our Original hand sanitizer has plenty of germ-fighting power, but sometimes having 8 fl oz. just isn’t enough. That’s where our economy size offerings come in. Because we know high traffic means high germ count, and we want you to be prepared.

Material Safety Data Sheet MATERIAL NAME/IDENTIFIER: ONE STEP HAND SANITIZER (ALCOHOL) Section 6: Toxicological Properties: ROUTE OF ENTRY: SKIN CONTACT SKIN ABSORPTION EYE CONTACT INHALATION ACUTE INHALATION CHRONIC INGESTION x x x x EFFECTS OF ACUTE EXPOSURE TO THE MATERIAL: None under normal conditions. Kills the most germs1 – Just 1 squirt of PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer kills as many germs as 2 squirts of any other national brand.2. Enhanced with four nourishing skin-conditioning agents in a skin-friendly formulation that’s mild on hands. Clinically proven effective in helping to maintain skin health – skin moisture and skin feel3