I'm back after a long hiatus from ripping! Namco Museum DS has provided a number of new opportunities, and as I felt that the NES sprite sheet on the site is no appropriate representation of how good of a game this was, I started with Dig Dug II.

So yeah I managed to fix the submission issue, which means that uploading games and such should NOT be an issue anymore. I've also made some improvements to the main site software, the biggest one being that you can now upload screenshots for your games and hacks that aren't tiny. Mappy and Dig Dug SMM. ... you can make a fan made sprites sheet of me (Raichu form) (select you the game where you make the sprites ex: Super Mario world ... Taizo Hori (also known as Dig-Dug) is the protagonist in the Dig-Dug video games. In Wreck-It Ralph, he is seen in Game Central Station walking. However, he quickly digs away in fear as soon as he sees Ralph. Taizo is a small blue man who wears a red and white helmet and jumpsuit with red boots. He has large black eyes.