The new "Servsafe"" Manager Book "(formerly "Essentials") Sixth Edition continues to be ideal for one- or two-day classroom instruction and certification.Based on a new job task analysis developed exclusively by industry experts for the Sixth Edition, the book focuses more intently on the preventative measures to keep food safe. exam answer sheet, or print any screens from the online exam. n Do not falsify or tamper with exam answer sheets, exam booklets, or score results. n Do not leave exam materials unattended or outside of a secured storage area.

ServSafe® Manager Book 7th Ed, English (with online voucher) $ 63.95 View Product ServSafe® Manager Book 7th Ed, English Textbook only $ 47.95 View Product ServSafe® Manager Book 7th Ed, English (w/ answer sheet) One Day ServSafe Manager Certification Class without Textbook -includes class, answer sheet, and exam. Student must score 75% or higher to pass exam.* $95 per student* + $5.95 if student requests textbook mailing Textbook Only-ServSafe 7th Edition Textbook $80 (with scantron answer sheet) + $5.95 process/postage. It also includes the most current edition of the ServSafe Manager book sent in advance, live review session, lunch and proctored certification exam. Please study the book in advance, complete the practice exam prior to the review and bring your current photo ID, ServSafe Manager book with Exam Answer Sheet scantron, handouts and #2 pencils.