Dec 06, 2012 · Bendable, Super-Strong Plastic Could Replace Touchscreen Glass The plastic is as hard as gorilla glass and extremely scratch-resistant, which could cut down on all those cracked smartphone screens ... Get the lowest prices on hard plastic sheets, guaranteed! Save up to 75% off popular supplies to fit all your needs, and rely on us for unparalleled service.

Many scratches on the plastic caused by the movement of the craft paper during shipping; I read reviews of others with this issue as well. If you were using this for a light-table, these scratches would show. I think a protective plastic film on each side of the plastic would prevent scratching, and shipping in a tube would reduce size. This sheet can be heat formed, shaped and welded to fabricate ducts, hoods and much more. The material cannot be cemented, but it is easily welded with a plastic welder. It can be cut with a carbide tipped saw blade and drilled with regular metal bits.