SLEEPING BAG FOR CAMPING. Essential equipment for sleeping outdoors or for camping, the sleeping bag should be adapted in function of your battery life. In fact, the choice of a sleeping bag should be a function of the season, but also of the altitude or of the place where you want to sleep. We have so many requests for sleeping bag liners that we have produced two different versions. Our simple sleeping bag liner has two layers of cotton jersey bonded together with a waterproof membrane in the middle, and the Quilted Sleeping back liner has two pieces of fabric top and bottom which makes it slightly more absorbent. ADDITIONAL OPTIONAL KIT for you to consider Got it Packed it Item needed Specific tested items we recommend These are items that might not be necessary on every expedition but which can be very useful/essential in certain situations.

Liners can be used as a sheet in warm climates and can also be used with your sleeping bag to add warmth in cooler climates. The liner acts as a barrier between you and your sleeping bag and can be removed and washed to keep your sleeping bag clean and fresh for as long as possible. Shop backpacking, lightweight, and mummy sleeping bags. Marmot has quality outdoor clothing & gear made for performance & style. Marmot