Dec 12, 2018 · A cease and desist letter in California is a first step toward resolving a dispute, but only a first step. Its purpose is to warn a person or organization to stop doing certain acts that step on your rights, often intellectual property rights. A Cease and Desist Letter is sent out by a party to request an individual or business stop (cease) an action, and refrain (desist) from doing it in the future .

Please find below a sample Cease and Desist Letter/Order that can be used against a person or cult (ie: Opus Dei) when they are attempting to harass, stalk, pressure, and/or intimidate you. This document can be customized and modified in any way to suit a particular situation to which it is being applied. A Cease and Desist Template will provide someone with help in creating just the right thing to stop unlawful activity. Those who are looking to create a formal cease and desist letter need help in doing that if they are going to complete the job in a good amount of time. Writing a Cease and Desist Letter to Collection Agency (with Sample) Use this sample cease and desist letter to collection agency as a template for your formal notification. When creditors need to call in a debt that is not being paid by a consumer, they may give the problem to a debt collecting agency.