Quality Russian Reflector factory 6J49P-DRY high-frequency short-characteristic pentode has been designed for use in wide-band amplifiers. With gold pins! Long life not less than 20000 h.!!!

At present time, these data are most complete and exact. They are based on the official help information. Each file contains the information on all updating of a one-tube type also the static and dynamic curves. Data sheet physics squatty potty; Squid coloring sheet; Dave ramsey budget sheets worksheet; 6s17k v datasheet; S6010l datasheet 2n3904; Victor msds sheets; Cotton sheeting fabric for sale; As white as sheet; Css advanced selectors cheat sheet; Check book sheet; Allama iqbal open university date sheet f a 2012; Horoscope juin 2019 balance sheet The XQ references in this data sheet are specific to the devices available in XQ Ruggedized packages. See the Defense-Grade UltraScale Architecture Data Sheet: Overview (DS895) for further information on XQ Defense-grade part numbers, packages, and ordering information.