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gathers (note the timpani strokes), but clears to allow the appearance of the contrasting second theme, a quicker version of the material from the introduction. The threat-ening mood returns to carry the music through its de-velopmental central section and into the recapitulation. A falling, unison fourth followed by a silence marks the A sweet song to help learn Nepali alphabet. Ka baata Kamal paanima fulne Kha baata Kharayo barima dulne Ga baata Gamala fula ropna jau Gha baata Ghara haami basne thau Ngh baata Ngyar Ngyar suri garchha saathi Cha baata Chara udchha maathi maathi Chha baata Chhahara chhanga baata khasne Ja baata Jarayo jangalama basne Jha