Well, there you have it, folks. Go forth and bestow all this tomatoe-y knowledge on your friends and family. Dish these ketchup facts out with one of our favorite grilled burger recipes at your next backyard barbecue or holiday cookout this summer. Jul 06, 2018 · You will be amazed to know that it is mainly a food ingredient instead of a condiment. It, ketchup, enhances the flavour of your chicken tikka to the Maggi bowl. Scroll down the page to know such interesting facts about ketchup. Ketchup had no tomatoes in early days while we know tomato as its main ingredient.

The first known tomato ketchup recipe was invented by James Mease in 1812. Mease was a scientist and horticulturalist who combined tomato pulp, brandy and spices to create the first tomato-based ketchup. Mease famously referred to tomatoes as love apples. Prior to Mease's recipe, ketchup was a fermented fish sauce from Asia.