Following the receipt of the learner's permit, you can either schedule your skills test at a local Driver License Center or schedule training through the Motorcycle Safety Program or by calling 1-800-845-9533. If you choose the Motorcycle Safety Program, at the end of the training, a skills evaluation is administered by a certified Rider Coach. This FREE Ontario M1 Motorcycle practice test contains 40 questions that are designed based on the official M1 rider’s handbook. This will test your basic knowledge of motorcycle riding in Ontario, as well as traffic signs and road rules. Each question contains four answer choices, and only one of them is correct.

getting their licence for the first time. This will include passing a motorcycle theory test, hazard perception test and practical riding assessment as well as completing a minimum of 50 supervised driving hours (including five night time hours) in an approved Log Book if applying for an R-E class or a motorcycle theory test and practical riding At first glance, this 2020 RMV cheat sheet looks like any other authentic DMV practice test, mirroring the real assessment with 25 multiple-choice motorcycle test questions. What sets this quiz apart from other online tools is that like the real DMV permit test, it is supplied by a large database of possible permit test questions. This test has 5 runs that assess your basic motorcycle riding skills. You will be scored on your speed, path of travel, and control of the motorcycle. To pass the test you must complete all 5 runs, in one testing session, with an overall passing score.