Java: JLabel font and color. The most user-friendly interfaces are usually obtained by using the default appearance (font, color, background), but there are cases where you want to change these. Appearance: setting the font. The font of a JLabel can be changed like this.

Re: Worksheet Label Font Size problem solved. used a function that is part of ASAP-Utilities to select all objects. opened the Properties window and changed the font in the same way as if only changing one at a time. sweet - had 76 of the suckers to do. mind you, i still don't know the correct syntax to make the change via code. so if any one ... EVALUATION I found out that SwingSet2 uses 5 JLabel fonts and NetBeans uses 7 fonts (except UI designer, where you can add to a panel a JLabel having any font). Why is the number of used fonts in NetBeans so small while we can see many of them (for example, in the text editor or font selection dialog)?