Management can also sponsor the education of their employees for them to sharpen their skills and increase human capital. Realistic training programs increase efficiency of an employee, who further increases the productivity of organization. Monitoring Performance. Monitoring performance of employees also increases human capital. Helping HR professionals and their organizations to build a modern employee experience | Senior Sales Executive, Human Capital Management Solutions at Oracle Metropolia Ammattikorkeakoulu - Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

HR metric & Human Capital Human Capital is another big topic in nowadays HR practices. HR no longer only assess their effectiveness and efficiency and the contribution to the company, but also they are starting to measure how those practices can positively affect the human capital (employees) in the organization. This shifts the view from one of just having the right pool of human resources to one of also being able to build human capital by investing in the development of the workforce to create unique capabilities. Key talent pools are identified and targeted for specific human capital investments (Boudreau and Ramstad, 2005, 2007).