Form Agreement (LFA). However until the execution of the LFA this Distribution Term Sheet shall be for all purposes be binding on all the Parties to this Distribution Term Sheet and all the parties unequivocally agree to specifically perform their respective obligations as outlined in this Distribution Term Sheet without any demur. 14. 7.1 During the term of this Agreement, the Seller shall supply the Distributor with Products as ordered by the Distributor pursuant to this Agreement for distribution in the Territories. The Products shall conform to the specifications as set forth in Appendix 1 The Product Range to this Agreement and as approved by the regulatory authorities. • Confidentiality agreements often cover issues unrelated to confidentiality, such as nonsolicitation, exclusivity, and absence of binding commitments to complete a transaction 4

The provisions may also be specific to the agreement and the parties to it. The article describes a supplier that was given the right to terminate the distribution agreement if the distributor’s current chairman of the board died, suffered from a permanent incapacity, or ceased to be involved in the business of the distributor. term sheet was not a binding agreement, but was merely an agreement to agree. In affirming the dismissal of the complaint, the First Department held that because the term sheet provided that the credit facilities would only be established upon the execution of loan agreements, the term sheet “was clearly dependent on a future defini -