CONTRACTOR PERFORMANCE EVALUATION FORM . Contractor Performance Evaluation Form No. 01 (April 2016) Page 3 of 4 Incorporated in 62 -772.300(6) 4. Communication: a. The contractor communicated and proposed solutions to project changes, problems, 2 1 0 delays and issues to the Department as they occurred and ahead of deadlines. n/a Do you need a sample job candidate evaluation form that you can use as you interview your prospective employees? This form enables your staff members, who are participating in the interview process with a candidate, to assess the individual's qualifications.

This Tender Evaluation Plan (TEP) is for the evaluation of tenders for Architect & Subconsultant Services for the design and documentation of the Ettamalonga Health Services – New Mental Health Facility to close on 8th August 2006 in the Health Services tender box at Dubbo. The following consultants have agreed to submit a tender: