Costco wedding cakes are limited to Half Sheet Cakes so if you are looking for a traditional multi layer wedding cake you might have to look somewhere else. Costco Wedding Cakes can be decorated with a variety of decorations and are only sold in one size – half sheet cake that serves 48 guests. Sheet cakes typically come in quarter, half and full sheets. A quarter sheet is 9"x13", a half sheet is 13"x18" and a full sheet is 18"x26". Sheet cakes are usually 2 inches in height. The number of servings each cake has is dependent on the serving size.

Sheet Cake Boxes available in quarter cake, half cake, and full sheet cake sizes. These wholesale Sheet Cake Boxes are available in various colors and designs with both windowed and non-windowed options. Transport or sell your baked goods securely with our corrugated cardboard or paperboard sheet cake boxes If the cake topper is quite light and short in height but is 7 inches in diameter, then the top tier of the cake must match the cake topper's size or be bigger, such as 8 or 9 inches in diameter, to accommodate the cake topper.