2N5459 Datasheet, 2N5459 JFET N-Channel Transistor Datasheet, buy 2N5459 Transistor

Datasheet catalog for electronic components integrated circuit, transistor, diode, triac, and other semiconductors - Page 5459 Some Part number from the same manufacture Central Semiconductor Corporation: 2N5459: 2N5460: 2N5484: 2N5490: 2N5550: 2N5555: 2n5564: 2N5582: 2N5629: 2N5632: 2n5638 SI-5151S High-side Power Switch ICs [With Diagnostic Function] SI-5151S. Features. q Built-in diagnostic function to detect short and open circuiting of loads and output status signals q Low saturation PNP transistor use q Allows direct driving using