spp06n80c3 spa06n80c3, Oct 20, 2018 · Hello, I'm working with a circuit that uses an old NEC D80C49C 028 microcontroller, and nothing connected to it seems to function. It appears that I'm not seeing any clock signal on either of the XTAL pins, which is why I think it doesn't work.

Bus Expansion Control The external bus interface of the SAB 80C517 consists of an 8-bit data bus (port 0), a 16-bit address bus (port 0 and port 2) and five control lines. The address latch enable signal (ALE) is used to demultiplex address and data of port 0. The DS90C032 differential line receiver is capable of detecting signals as low as 100 mV, over a ±1V common- mode range centered around +1.2V. This is related to the driver offset voltage which is typically +1.2V. The driven signal is centered around this voltage and may shift ±1V around this center point.