Printable FAA flight plan form & VFR cross-country NavLog Featuring radio frequency column • VFR Flight Planner (PDF) • Version 1.9 — 2 Pages (Front/Back) Individual pages: VFR flight planning form (Navigation log): NavLog FAA flight plan, weight & balance, weather briefing form: Flight plan form. My flight planning forms are always free ... Get the real payoff from learning to fly. Filmed over majestic terrain, this step-by-step guide to planning & flying a fun, safe VFR cross-country trip is for seasoned & new pilots alike. Notes: This planning sheet is for FLIGHT SIMULATOR USE ONLY! Winds in Flight Simulator are based on Magnetic North so we must first convert from True Course to Magnetic Course. We use the Cruise fuel consumption for all calcs (GPH) --- more is used on climb, less on descent.

These Cross-Country planning sheets contain a flight plan section, weight and balance calculation chart, special equipment suffix chart, fuel management, space for radio frequencies, and more. 48 sheets per pad. Before any cross-country flight, check the charts for airports or suitable landing areas along or near the route of flight. Also, check for navigational aids that can be used during a diversion. Computing course, time, speed, and distance information in flight requires the same computations used during preflight planning. ASA Flight Planner Sheets by ASA ASA-FP-3 - Flight planning sheets contain all the information necessary for an efficient and safe flight whether domestic or international. - log vfr navigation forms Jeppesen VFR Navigation Log Pad ASA-FP-2 cross country - Pilot Supplies at a Pilot Shop