"I can't say enough wonderful things about Logan, as a person or a breeder. I got my ball python from him back in 2010. While I've always loved snakes, I'd never had one as a pet and wasn't sure where to start. With Logan though, there is no guesswork. He Read More... The normal shed cycle of a baby Ball Python is about once a month if the animal is fed properly. This rate decreases as the feeding cycle is moved farther apart or the meal size is decreased. It is normal for the snake to show signs of irritability and to seek shelter in the hiding spot or water bowl during the time leading to the shed cycle.

Anyone buying one of our animals is offered a copy of our care sheet. We strongly believe that most problems with royal pythons can be solved with some simple husbandry changes. Royals can sometimes be a little frustrating but patience and persistence usually pay. We have many informative sections such as care and maintenance sheets on keeping and Breeding Ball Pythons. There are many pictures of Ball Pythons (Python Regius) in various morphs, also including Burmese Pythons (Python Molurus Bivittatus), Boa Constrictor's and Rodents.