modelnumber: 13par30dim/927fl40, 13par30dim/927nf25, 13par30dim/927sp15, 13par30dim/930fl40, 13par30dim/930fl40/b, 13par30dim/930nf25, 13par30dim/930sp15, 13par30dim ... LG Display LM201WE3-TLF8 Overview The LM201WE3-TLF8 (Alias: LM201WE3 (TL)(F8)) is a 20.1 inch diagonal a-Si TFT-LCD display panel product from LG Display Co., Ltd. (hereafter called LG Display ), with an integral CCFL backlight system, without backlight driver, without touch screen.

Sourced lumen (lm @ 2700K, 80CRI) 1220 1440 1950 Efficacy (lm/W @ 2700K, 80CRI) 95 80 81 PUFF FAMILY TYPE SIZE STYLE FINISH VOLTAGE WATTAGE CRI CCT OPTIONS ML2= Ceiling Flush Mounts LA= LED Integrated S= M= L= Small, 11” D x 4.0” H1 Medium, 13” D x 4.0” H Large, 16”D x 4.0”H P= Puff WH= White [BLANK]= 120V Triac dimming 14= 14W 18 ... Squarelight (NX) Super bright light Low energy consumption Integrated rocker switch Compact low profile Internal View See technical specifications overleaf >>> Available from: