Oct 27, 2007 · 11. From Autumn To Ashes - On The Offensive 12. Skinny Puppy - Spasmolythic Deftones Remix (Habitual Mix) 13. Dope Stars Inc - Beatcrusher 14. Emilie Autumn - Dead Is The New Alive 15. Oxygen - Do You Want To Play A Game 16. The Human Abstract - Crossing The Rubicon 17. The Red Chord - Dread Prevailed 18. Fueled By Fire - Thrash Is Back 19. Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival also stars David Hasselhoff, Ted Neeley, Barry Bostwick, Emilie Autumn, horror legend Bill Moseley, and rapper Tech N9ne, among others, and features music from composer Saar Hendelman. Bousman and Zdunich will hit the road this fall and bring ALLELUIA! across the country for dozens of Live Road Show experiences ... Emilie Autumn - Shalott - free links and help to music tablature - tab - sheet music, chords, and notes. Find free tabs, tablature, sheet music, chords

Emilie Autumn Liddell (born on September 22, 1979), better known by her stage name Emilie Autumn, is an American singer-songwriter, poet, violinist, and actress.Autumn's musical style is described by her as "Fairy Pop", "Fantasy Rock" or "Victoriandustrial".