Re: Linn Radio crashes PlugPlayer Looks like a bug in Asset as there is no url given out for these Radio items. I will add to the bug list to fix in r3.1 If you are the one kind of listener who don’t want to get stuck with a single radio than the thing is about to change. Because, you have just tuned into Linn Radio and this is the radio that will engage you with their programs so deeply that you yourself will tune in to this radio again and again.

How to get direct streaming url from this flash online streaming radio station? ... get info from streaming radio. 1. ... copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. To stream such radio stations to your favorite player, you just need to find the URL of the stream. It is actually fun to listen to online radio while browsing the internet or using your computer. The broadcast URLs of online radios generally end in .m3u or .pls. Those are the public broadcast URLs of online radio stations.