the Dell R510 and R710 can both hold regular configurations (e.g. X5650, 24 GB RAM, etc.) and these usually come out to about the same price. Is there a particular reason why one would choose the R510 over the R710 or vice versa? There really appears a lack of differentiating factors. Shop the Largest Selection of Dell PowerEdge Server R510 Motherboards, R510 LCD screens,R510 batteries, and R510 keyboards.

This setup will be a dedicated SAN/NAS for two other R510 servers running esxi 5.5. The two host servers, are running. 2 x 2.66 Hex Core. 32GiB Ram. Dell H700 SAS Controller. 1 x Quad Port NIC. 2 x On Board Broadcom NICs. This is the Dell R510 12 bay server, to run FreeNas. 1 x 2.4GHz Quad Core. 12GiB Ram