NOTIFIER. SEGMAN es el distribuidor mayorista de Notifier, sistemas inteligentes direccionables a través de paneles expandibles para sistemas medianos y grandes con capacidad de integrar voceo. Indoor Selectable-Output Horns, Strobes, and Horn Strobes for Wall Applications Audio/Visual Devices DN-60918:A P2RL P2GWL SGWL HWL General The L-Series offers the most versatile and easy-to-use line of horns, strobes, and horn strobes in the industry with lower cur-rent draws and modern aesthetics. With white and red plastic

The ISO-XE and ISO524, Isolator and Mini-Isolator modules are designed for use with NOTIFIER protocol fire alarm control panels. The Fault Isolator modules should be fitted at a maximum of 25 device intervals. These modules provide the system with protection from wire-to-wire short circuits on the loops.