UP – The imposition of images on a sheet, i.e., “4 up” would indicate that an image would appear in 4 positions on the sheet and occupy the entire sheet. WASHUP – The process of removing and cleaning out inks from a press in preparation for making ready on another job. WEB – A continuous strip of stock coming from a roll. Imposition proof. The imposition proof is the last test that is performed before beginning the print run. This test is performed to verify, through the formation of a prototype, that the imposition was successful. Typical checks are that the pages are on the correct spot and the crossover bleeds work. Imposition Refers to the arrangement of pages on a printed sheet, which when the sheet is finally printed on both sides, folded and trimmed, will place the pages in their correct order. Imprint The name and place of the publisher and printer required by law if a publication is to be published.

the secondary and post-secondary levels. PrintED's Offset Press Operations, Binding and Finishing, and Advanced Offset Press Operations competencies are taught in this publication, as well as applicable competencies from Introduction to Graphic Communications.