In Chinese, Chuan means flowing water. As the source of life, water represents the re-birth and re-balancing of our whole being. Your Chuan Spa journey begins once you pass through our Moon Gate. Like entering a secret garden where one feels a spirit of rejuvenation, your wellness journey nurtures, heals and restores.

advanced with other minerals. More oil shale ex-perience has been acquired with underground mining, particularly room-and-pillar mining, and preparing MIS retorts. Although uncertainties re-main, the mining technologies should advance rapidly if presently active projects continue and suspended ones resume. Welcome to Nutri Advanced. Since we started in 1981, we have been providing highly effective vitamins, health and nutritional supplements to a wide range of health professionals, their patients and consumers across the UK and Ireland. The reason they choose our supplements is clear: they trust the quality, purity and effectiveness of our products.