Google Sheets: COUNTIF with dynamic criteria. Ask Question ... You might need to use COUNTIFS() ... Browse other questions tagged google-sheets or ask your own question. I have a Google spreadsheet that I am trying to count scores of 1 to 5. I can do a COUNTIF to count the number of 5s, 4s, 3s, etc. I need to count the the values separately depending if the value of the first row begins with a space or not. The COUNTIFS formula will not work, since the arrays are the same size. My formulas are: With space:

You should use a Query formula for multi-column Unique Countifs. We can learn both these tips (single and multi-column approach) in this Google Sheets Tutorial. Related: Learn Al Google Sheets Count Functions at One Place. I wish to make it clear that my below tutorial has nothing to do with the Countunique function. So using these methods you can get to know the word count in Google Docs and Google Sheets. For Google Sheets, I recommend using the online tool as it is simple and easy rather than applying the formula. But if you already are used to formulas in Google Sheets then its the best option. We hope this article was helpful to you.