A collection of timeless favourites from the Scottish tradition as recorded by the celebrated performer Kenneth McKeller, all arranged for Piano, Voice and Guitar. Scottish Folktunes These treble clef tunes are suitable for fiddle, flute, trumpet, clarinet, or any other treble solo instrument. "Session" tunes are dance tunes; commonly, two or three tunes are linked in sequence, one after the other. These are tunes passed aurally from player to player over hundreds of years. My last song of the night was Flower of Scotland, which I dedicated to the man who wrote it. There was not a dry eye in the house, not ONE. He had died recently. For years I had two things on my "Bucket" list. standing on a beach in Dingle Ireland and sing Song for Ireland, and to stand on the top of Ben Nevis and sing Flower of Scotland.

Drum Scores 2/4 Marches MP3 Snare PDF Tenor / Bass PDF 3/4 Marches MP3 Snare PDF The below files contain the actual sheet music that the band plays (exact musical notes in most tunes will vary from band to band). There are also a few tunes that are favorites of some band members that they like to play and want to share with everyone (marked with * ).