Quotient rule is a little more complicated than the product rule. If y = u/v, then the derivative of y = (u'v-uv') / v 2. Quotient Rule 1. Quotient Rule 2. Differentiate Logarithmic Functions. If y = ln x, then the derivative of y = 1/x. Using all necessary rules, solve this differential calculus worksheet based on natural logarithm ... 2. When taking the derivative of any term that has a “y” in it multiply the term by y0 (or dy=dx) 3. Solve for y0 When finding the second derivative y00, remember to replace any y0 terms in your final answer with the equation for y 0you already found. In other words, your final answer should not have any y terms in it. 2

i Math1AWorksheets,7th Edition Preface This booklet contains the worksheets for Math 1A, U.C. Berkeley’s calculus course. Christine Heitsch, David Kohel, and Julie Mitchell wrote worksheets used for Math 1AM